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Laura is ACE – It’s Official!

Laura Perkins

Trainee embryologist Laura Perkins has moved a step closer to becoming a fully-qualified clinical embryologist after receiving certification from the Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE).

Recognition follows hours of rigorous training for the practical side of embryology and completing a large theoretical course, including submitting evidence of her practical skills, including essays, short answer questions and case studies.  Laboratory director Su Barlow said: “I was delighted, but not surprised, to be told by the external examiner that Laura had passed her ACE certificate with flying colours.  With two excellent mentors, lab manager Jo Johnson and clinical embryologist Gina Aldis, Laura soon gained in confidence and experience to become a competent embryologist.  Her hard work and dedication to complete her training and gain the theoretical knowledge required for the role was excellent!  Congratulations Laura, from everyone at MFS.”

But her studying is not yet complete – over the next two to three years Laura will work towards becoming a clinical embryologist by submitting a portfolio of evidence to the Association of Clinical Scientists (ACS).

Dr Abey Takes the Clinical Lead

Dr Abey Eapen1

In September 2011 Dr Abey Eapen was appointed clinical lead at Midland Fertility Services (MFS).

He is the first doctor to hold this role at MFS, which includes supporting the medical director Dr Gillian Lockwood, mentoring the clinical research fellows and managing the recurrent miscarriage team.  In addition, he continues his regular patient caseload.

Dr Abey originally joined MFS in 2005 as a clinical research fellow after qualifying as a doctor in 2002 and then training at both Walsall Manor Hospital and Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield. In 2010 he left MFS and spent 14 months gaining further clinical experience at other fertility clinics in England, before returning to the MFS team in April 2011.  His return was met with enthusiasm by many patients who had experienced his care during previous fertility treatment at MFS.

Dr Lockwood said: “Abey has always been a popular and highly-respected member of the clinical team and, as we were delighted by his return to MFS earlier this year, we are so pleased that he has accepted the role of clinical lead.  He will be vital part of the team that ensures MFS continues to introduce new procedures to improve patients’ chances of conceiving.”

Commenting on his promotion, Dr Abey said: “I’m very excited to be back at MFS and to take up this new role.  I feel proud and privileged to be a part of the MFS team and to continue helping patients towards realising their dreams of having a baby.”

So Long . . .

It’s goodbye to a doctor, a fertility nurse specialist and one of the admin team

Dr Karolina-Palinska Rudzka
Dr Karolina-Palinska Rudzka
Tracey Lewis
Tracey Lewiis
Kerry Birch
Kerry Birch

Dr Karolina Palinska-Rudzka joined MFS in October 2008 as a clinical research fellow and Tracey Lewis joined the nursing team at MFS in 2006.  In addition we say farewell to filing clerk Kerry Birch who has left to begin her degree studies at Nottingham University.  Goodbye and good luck to all three from MFS.

‘Congratulations and Celebrations’

Congratulations Sarah and David
Congratulations Sarah and David

Staff recently celebrated the marriage of fertility nurse specialist Sarah Watson to fiancé David McGibbon.  Sarah wore a dress of ivory and pale gold and was attended and given away by her younger sister and brother, respectively.  The couple married in Warwickshire on 5 November and enjoyed a honeymoon in North Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.  Many congratulations!

Charlie is their Darling

Becky Cooves
New mummy Becky Cooves
New Nana Vicky Lane-Davis
New Nana Vicky Lane-Davis

Congratulations also to patient liaison finance officer Becky Cooves and her fiancé Jamie Bissell following the birth of their son Charlie James on 30 September 2011.  And also congratulations to Vicky Lane-Davis, fertility nurse assistant (and Becky’s mum!), who, with the birth of Charlie, became ‘Nana Vicky’.