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‘Made in Aldridge’ is a regular e-news feature which tells the story of a woman’s or couple’s experience at MFS and the impact of the result on their lives.

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Molly Anna Mumford

Fathers’ Day on Sunday 19 June 2011 was extra special for Glenn Mumford as he got to spend it for the first time with his own baby, after many years of childlessness.

Glenn, Marie and Molly Anna
Glenn, Marie and Molly Anna

His seven week old daughter Molly Anna was conceived when Glenn and his fiancé Marie Gould had a single cycle of IVF treatment MFS.

Glenn (49) and Marie (36) from Tipton met in 2006 and tried to conceive for more than three years with no success.  Following tests, advice from their GP confirmed they were eligible to receive funding from Sandwell PCT for their treatment.

Specialists at MFS concluded that, like almost one in three of all couples who need help to conceive, their infertility was ‘unexplained’, and IVF was recommended.  Following about three months of consultations, injections, scans and her egg recovery, Marie and Glenn couldn’t believe it when a pregnancy test in August 2010 proved positive.

“I had an amazing feeling of restrained elation!” explained Glenn, a self-employed gas engineer.  “I wanted to believe that everything would be easy from now on, but knew there was a long way to go.  After so many negative results, I was so happy, but I dared not believe it when the line turned blue.”

Two weeks later a first scan at MFS confirmed two fetal heartbeats and Glenn and Marie started to enjoy the prospect of being parents to twins, due the day after Glenn’s birthday in April 2011.

However, six weeks later, an antenatal scan confirmed that one of the foetuses had not survived beyond about eight weeks – known as disappearing twin syndrome.

“We were so upset that we’d lost one of our babies, and were really worried that the same could happen again,” recalled Glenn.  “But we tried to think positive and kept saying that it gave our surviving baby a real fighting chance, as a single pregnancy is less complicated.”

After an otherwise good pregnancy, Molly Anna missed Glenn’s birthday and instead was born one week late on Easter Sunday (24 April 2011), following a forceps delivery at Russell’s Hall Hospital, Dudley, weighing 7lbs 2oz.

“It’s so disarming having a new-life that you’re totally responsible for and when she smiles at me at 3 o’clock in the morning it’s just the best feeling!” said Glenn.  “It’s lovely putting her first in everything we do.  I didn’t realise I could be so patient – and I’m loving it!

“Sadly my own dad passed away 11 years ago so in recent years I ad no reason to celebrate Fathers’ Day.  But I made up for it this year, with Marie and Molly and her three other grandparents.”

Heidi Birch, director of nursing services at MFS said:  “Special family days can be hard on people who want a baby, and so celebrating a first Fathers’ Day is a wonderful milestone for any new dad.”

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