National Donor Satisfaction Survey

The National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) has launched an on-line donor satisfaction survey with the following statement:

“The NGDT is looking for responses from sperm and egg donors (including egg share donors) who have donated, plus we’d love to hear from potential donors who decided not to donate.

“To understand what donors think about the process of donation, the NGDT is running a national donor satisfaction survey. We want to find out what donors’ experiences have been like and how these experiences can be improved.

“Through the hard work of clinics . . .  there’s been a gradual increase in gamete donors since 2005. These are fantastic developments and with your help we are determined to make 2011 and 2012 the best years yet.

“Please make your donors aware of our survey by passing the link onto them for them to complete The surveys are all online and can be answered anonymously.

“The collected general data and our recommendations will be shared later in the year.”

Responses to be submitted by the end of June 2011 please.

For further information, email Pip Morris at NGDT.


Issued 14 June 2011