Great news to start 2011 with the birth of the UK’s first – AND second – babies born from vitrified eggs.  All seven of the UK’s ‘frozen egg babies’ were born from eggs collected and either slow-frozen or flash-frozen at MFS – again MFS leads the way in the UK!  Read more . .

In Made in Alridge read about Josef Pagett and the amazing support his parents Nichola and Mathew received from their family when they knew they needed IVF to conceive – and how Nichola’s mum, Pamela went the ‘extra mile’ and became the surrogate to her grandson.

Other news includes an update on the Patients’ Guide to Services, the MFS list of charges and success rates, as well as latest news on the eSET challenge and the possibility of gratis drugs for some MFS patients via a clinical drugs trial at MFS. Also, read how the new-format Fertility Information Events are proving a huge success with potential new patients.

And it’s ‘welcome back’ to a familiar and much-missed member of the clinical team and welcome to a new member of staff in the staff news section.

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