Christmas and New Year 2013 Closure


MFS will be closed from (and including) Saturday 21 December and re-open with a full regular service on Tuesday 31 December 2013 – and be open as usual on New Year’s Day.

During this holidays closure, patients currently in treatment who have any concerns should call 01922 455911 and listen for the mobile contact number of the senior member of on-call staff. Please note this out-of-hours service should only be used by in-treatment patients with serious concerns and should not be called for general information about the clinic’s services, or to make or re-arrange appointments.  In any emergency, patients should dial 999.

All other enquiries should be addressed as follows and will be responded to, on or after Tuesday 31 December 2013.

  • general enquiries about services
  • to make an appointment for an initial consultation or to rearrange an existing appointment
  • the lab, for enquiries about test results, sperm donation or using donor sperm
  • media enquiries (urgent comment only), or for Forum enquiries, TEXT Jill Anthony-Ackery on 07795 812523
  • With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


    Issued: 19 December 2013