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Roxanne and Kenzie Dunn

Kenzie ann Roxanne Dunn
First day at school for Kenzie and Roxanne Dunn. Pic courtesy of The Birmingham Post

The 2 September 2010 marked a red-letter day in the Dunn family diary.  Like thousands of four year olds around the UK, twins Roxanne and Kenzie (four years and four months) spent their first day at ‘big school’, proudly wearing their uniforms as they took their first steps into the Reception class at Highfields Primary School in Rowley Regis.

The news was covered by The Birmingham Post, just as the paper celebrated the babies’ birth in May 2006, as their conception was a result of receiving funding from the paper for treatment at MFS.

The cost of their treatment was part of the Funded Fertility Treatment for All campaign by The Birmingham Post and MFS which was designed to highlight the then Secretary of State for Health’s recommendation for all PCTs to fund, from 1 April 2005, a minimum of one cycle of fertility treatment for every woman under the age of 39, who required assisted conception.  One year later, no non-funding PCTs had introduced new funding for fertility treatment and now, five years on, some have actually reduced the budget available for IVF treatment.

After years of trying to conceive and advice from another clinic that they should consider using a surrogate, Roxanne and Kenzie’s parents, Claire (38) and Tony (41) Dunn, became parents on 25 April 2006 with the twins’ birth at Walsall Manor Hospital.


Claire and Tony with newborn Roxanne and Kenzie
Claire and Tony with their newborn babies, April 2006. Pic courtesy of The Birmingham Post

“We went through so much, with an ectopic pregnancy after fertility treatment at another clinic, then being told by that clinic that we’d need a surrogate because my womb lining would never be thick enough to conceive.  But then our luck totally changed when we got funding from The Birmingham Post for treatment at MFS, where they knew how to overcome this problem.

“It’s amazing to remember what we went through and now to look at Roxanne and Kenzie in their uniforms and going off to school.”

Claire became pregnant after MFS successfully transferred into her uterus thawed frozen embryos which had been created at another clinic.  They are believed to be the first twins in the UK born after the mother was treated with Vi4gr4 to thicken the lining of her uterus.

“Used in low doses, and only under the care of a fertility expert, Vi4gr4 can improve blood circulation to the uterine lining, enabling an embryo to implant successfully”, explained Heidi Birch, director of nursing services.

“MFS carefully monitored Claire’s uterus over three months to ensure the embryos we transferred had the very best possible chance of survival.”

“It was a miracle to hear it had worked first time and I was pregnant within four months. That was the most amazing feeling, after everything we’d been through,” said Claire.

“We thought we would never be able to have children.  But thanks to the Birmingham Post and the experts at MFS, all our dreams came true and we are a perfect little family, with two beautiful children we never thought we would see.”

Claire recalls the last four years as a family of four:  “As a baby Roxanne was very clingy to me and quite shy with other people.  But as a toddler she gradually became more independent and certainly takes charge of Kenzie, mothering him and making sure he’s always OK.  Now it’s like she’s four going on 14 – and totally ready for school.

“Kenzie was, and still is, a really relaxed, cheeky little chappie.  He’s very laid-back, like Tony, and both fun-loving and lovable.  He came off the bottle and reached some other milestones few months behind Roxanne but only because he figured ‘what’s the rush?’.  And now, like Roxanne, he’s loving every minute of school.

Dunn Twins
Pic courtesy of The Birmingham Post

“We’ve had no tears or upset, even after their first full day and although they’re in the same class, they are sometimes in separate groups and choose to eat their lunches with different groups of friends.

“I feel so happy knowing that they are happy confident little children who are really enjoying this new phase of their lives.

“It’s strange not having them at home during the day, but it’s wonderful knowing that they are loving their first days of school.”

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