Milestones and achievements feature in this latest enewsletter . . . Today’s the Day celebrates a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd and a 22nd, (yes, 22nd!) birthday, as Brett Rigby, the unit’s first baby looks forward to his big day next month. And Made in Aldridge catches up with twins Roxanne and Kenzie, who were conceived after their parents received funding for their treatment at MFS from The Birmingham Post, and who started school for the first time this month.

In staff news and clinic news, MFS medical director, Dr Gillian Lockwood delivers a key note speech and clinical research fellow, Dr Karolina Palinska-Rudzka introduces the inclusion of MFS’s fertility assessment for young female cancer patients following chemo- and radio-therapies, on a website listing current UK medical studies. And the admin team have achieved some new qualifications, resulting in a BND for Lottie and a BA (Hons) for Lauren.

Latest News also contains an update from Gillian Lockwood about the demise of the HFEA and her comments on the presentation by the Authority’s chief executive at the ‘Reproductive Medicine 2010’ conference.

MFS’s first e-brochure went live this month – read more about the interactive version of the Patients’ Guide to Services and look out as more booklets go on-line before the end of the year.

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Jill Anthony-Ackery
Communications Manager