So mid-summer’s day has been and gone and while some people may put their faith in fertilty dolls, ancient festivals and goddess powers, MFS continues to work its own kind of fertility wonder, helping people to have the babies – families! –  they want so very much.

In Made in Aldridge read about one very new daddy’s first Fathers’ Day, following almost 12 years of trying to have a family of their own.  Clinic news includes an update on the launch of the Cost Estimator© , a unique on-line service from MFS.

Other firsts for MFS include the first twin pregnancy from vitrified blastocysts and the first pregnancy from a thawed vitrified egg.  Read about the new faces at the unit and also about the national champion on the finance team . . .

A Day in the Life returns in this issue, featuring the role of Lynsey Bissell erstwhile secretary and now clincial administrator at MFS.  Today’s the Day includes birthday greetings three MFS babies aged one, eight and 13!  If you would like to mark a milestone or other achievement in the life of your MFS baby, complete the Today’s the Day form.

Since the last enews, MFS has published a new Patients Guide to Services and Patients Finance Information leaflet.  If you’ve not received your copies in the mail, they can be downloaded in PDF format or requested by email.

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Jill Anthony-Ackery
Communications Manager