Spring time brings Mothers’ Day, lambs in the fields, buds on the trees and new lives in abundance!  All of them positive, but all a reminder of fertility and ‘being a mum’  and so tough for those who have serious obstacles in the way of ever being a mother.  Everyone who needs fertility treatment to conceive has additional hurdles to overcome, but finding out that the only way of getting pregnant is by using another woman’s eggs, raises the bar that much higher.


Which is why MFS has launched the Woman to Woman egg donor campaign, to increase the awareness of the availability of low cost, high quality IVF for those women who would have to pay for their treatment if they agree to donate half their eggs to another woman who needs donor eggs to conceive.  Everyone benefits – the egg sharer gets treatment at a price she can afford, within weeks and the recipient gets the only chance she’ll have to get pregnant.

In Made in Aldridge read the story of a donor egg recipient and how thankful she is to the woman who gave her the gift of her son.

Clinic news includes an update on the drugs trial at MFS and details of a generous gift from a former patient.

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Jill Anthony-Ackery
Communications Manager

From January 2006 – December 2008, in IVF treatment, MFS achieved a livebirth rate per embryo transfer of 28.2% in women of all ages, compared to 27.7% in the
3 years from 2005 – 2007

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