Midland Fertility Services (MFS) has confirmed the birth of the clinic’s 4,500th baby. MFS ‘Baby 4,500’ Ellie Gummerson was born in August 2009, with her twin brother Richard – who is ‘Baby 4,501’.

Libby and Mark Gummerson with their twins Ellie and Richard, who are 'MFS Babies 4,500 and 4,501', with Jill Anthony-Ackery (c) of MFS
Libby and Mark Gummerson with their twins Ellie and Richard, who are 'MFS Babies 4,500 and 4,501', with Jill Anthony-Ackery (c) of MFS

Their parents Libby and Mark Gummerson, from Hereford, married in 2002 and tried to conceive for four years with no success.  After Libby had surgery to check for blocked tubes and other conditions that could prevent her getting pregnant, their infertility remained ‘unexplained’ and they were granted funding for IVF by Herefordshire Primary Care Trust and referred to MFS in Aldridge.

Following just a single cycle of IVF, Libby (33) and Mark (39) were delighted when they had a positive pregnancy test 14 days after their embryo transfer.  Two weeks later they returned to MFS where a scan confirmed they were expecting twins.  “I’ve never known Mark so quiet,” said Libby.  “He’s an identical twin and the thought of having twins of our own was just amazing!”

Ellie and Richard were born by Caesarean section at Hereford County Hospital on 3 August 2009, on Libby and Mark’s seventh wedding anniversary, weighing 3lbs 6oz and 4lbs 8oz respectively.

“The clinic began 2010 knowing that more than 4,500 much-wanted babies have been born as a result of the expertise of the staff at MFS,” said Jill Anthony-Ackery, communications manager for MFS.  “We are delighted to learn of the birth of all babies, but the arrival of a new MFS ‘milestone baby’1 is always cause for extra celebration for the couple, their families and the clinic.

 “MFS celebrated the birth of the 2,500th baby in May 2003, 16 years after the unit was established.  Just six years later, the arrival of Ellie and Richard confirmed the births of another 2,000 ‘MFS Babies’, indicating that the need for fertility treatment is greater than ever and also that techniques are constantly developing and success rates are improving.

“Throughout 2010 and beyond, MFS looks forward to helping many more couples have the babies they want so very much.”


Issue Date: 1 February 2010

Editor Notes

1 Other MFS ‘milestone babies’ include:

MFS was established in 1987 and is licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to offer a range of fertility treatments and procedures including IVF, ICSI, egg donation, egg and embryo freezing and sperm recovery.  In May 2002 the UK’s first ‘frozen egg’ baby was born following treatment at MFS.  In September 2005, the UK’s first twins were born from ‘frozen eggs’ fertility treatment at MFS, followed by the first ‘frozen egg’ boy in December 2005.  In April 2006 the clinic’s first twins were born following the mother’s treatment with Vi4gr4 as part of her fertility treatment at MFS.  In mid-2008, the 4,000th baby was born after treatment at MFS and the clinic celebrated its 21st anniversary in June 2008.  The 4,500th baby was born in August 2009.  Based in Aldridge, West Midlands, MFS treats both private and NHS patients. 

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