Season’s Greetings
and welcome
to the last e-news of 2009

Staff at Centre House have recently enjoyed lots of visits from couples who have returned to MFS to introduce their babies to the team that ‘made them possible’.  Many patients like to pop in around Christmas as it’s a time of year when people think about what they have achieved throughout the year – which for many MFS patients is a promise to themselves of ‘not another childless-Christmas’.  Read how that promise came true for some patients who are celebrating their babies’ first Christmases.

OK, big drum roll!   Made in Aldridge, is all about gorgeous Ellie Gummerson who is MFS ‘Baby 4,500’ (and also about her equally-delightful brother Richard who is ‘MFS Baby 4,501’).  At the end of 2008, MFS data confirmed the birth of the 2,000th baby born after ICSI treatment at MFS, and exceeding a total of 4,500 babies born from all treatments, is a lovely way to mark the end of the clinic’s 22nd year.

Media coverage of egg freezing is often sensational or even inaccurate, but in the Banking on her Future Fertility feature, read about the real-life egg freezing experience of 24 year old Kate Feld who froze some of her eggs after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2006, and the outcome of her recent ovarian reserve test.

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Today’s the Day includes birthday greetings and Christmas wishes for three MFS babies.  If you would like to mark a milestone or other achievement in the life of your MFS baby, complete the Today’s the Day form.

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Jill Anthony-Ackery
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