The Sun Seeks MFS Case Studies

The Sun is planning a feature in the woman’s pages of the newspaper about straight, single women who have conceived using donor sperm and is looking for a UK-based woman to interview for the piece.

This would involve a telephone chat about the reasons behind her decision to choose to conceive with donor sperm and her subsequent experiences of the treatment process, pregnancy and motherhood.

The case study would include the name of the woman and she would need to agree to be photographed too.  A fee is available for any case study that is printed.

The feature is intended to be a ‘very sympathetic and compassionate piece – the aim is to educate other women in similar circumstances about the options open to them and to focus on positive experiences’. The writer would be happy, before publication, to read back the article to the woman for her to check the details and to ensure she is happy with everything.

If you are interested in finding out more with no obligation to participate, email either: