Today’s the Day

‘Today’s The Day’ is the chance for you to mark a special day in your lives, by sending in details of a birth announcement, or of your MFS baby’s or child’s birthday, or other achievements – such as first day at a new school, winning a prize, or getting their degree!.  Let us know if you would like to send details of any special date between now and 10 December 2009 for the next e-newsletter.  We’ll cover forthcoming dates or events and those that have already happened in this time.  Alternatively send your Christmas dedications to be included in the December e-news.

Josh Booth, 10 June 2007


‘Our precious Joshua has turned 2!!  Who would have thought we would see the day.  Thank you Midlands Fertility.’

Connie Anthony-Ackery, 1 August 2002


‘To our darling ‘Warrior Queen Connie’ celebrating her 7th birthday with handsome knights ‘Sir James’ and ‘Sir Louis’ at her side.  Every year you’ve been in our lives has been amazing and we send you all our love for every day, month and year ahead.  All our love gorgeous girl, Mummy and Daddy xxx’

Damien and Daegan Batchelor, 18 September 2007


‘To our very special boys, Damien and Daegan.  Happy 2nd Birthday, you fill our lives with joy every day!  We love you to the moon and back!  Love and kisses Mommy and Daddy xx’

Cameron Sinclair, 2 November 2004


‘Our wonderful baby has turned into a handsome little boy – who’d have thought first day at school would have come ’round so quickly.  Have happy times and remember to always sharpen your pencil!  All our love mummy and daddy xxxx’