Travelling Abroad for Fertility Treatment? 

Appeal for Contributors to Research Programme

A team at De Montfort University in Leicester is undertaking research to explore the motivations, experiences and support needs of people who go abroad for fertility treatment and are appealing to people to contribute to the study. They would like to speak to both men and women who are either currently receiving treatment abroad or who have already completed treatment – whatever the outcome. 

The research (which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council) will cover:

  • the pros and cons of seeking reproductive care in another country
  • what leads a woman or couple to consider having treatment abroad
  • what happens during the process
  • the emotions involved

The aims of the study are:

  • to provide evidence for future policy and practice developments in this area
  • to enhance the support offered to couples who are making this decision
  • to make sure the voices of those directly involved are heard

The programme is led by Professor Lorraine Culley at De Montfort University and is being carried out by a team of researchers with considerable experience of research with people experiencing fertility problems.

To volunteer, or for more information about taking part, please email the project researcher, Dr Nicky Hudson, call on 0116 207 8766, or visit To check eligibility for the study, volunteers will be asked to complete a pre-interview questionnaire and may then be invited to take part in an interview of approximately one hour, at a convenient time and place.  The identity and involvement in the study of any volunteers will not be revealed.