‘Early ICSI success avoided use of donor sperm’

Lorraine and Karl Tonks

Lorraine and Karl Tonks

After trying for a baby for more than two years, tests on both Lorraine and Karl revealed unexplained male infertility and the need for fertility treatment. Their twins Benjamin and Kira were born in April 1998 after a single cycle of ICSI at MFS and following six unsuccessful attempts at IUI with donor sperm at another fertility clinic.

ICSI was introduced to MFS in 1994 and involves the injection of a single carefully selected healthy sperm into the cellular structure of the egg, using a glass needle 1/10th the width of a human hair.

“MFS enabled us to have our family after just a single cycle, because it was already expert in the new ICSI treatment,” said Lorraine.

“Karl also needed an emergency surgical sperm retrieval on the day of my egg collection and staff at MFS were able to carry this out at the clinic right away, so our treatment could continue as planned. This expertise gave us such hope after the disappointment of our IUI attempts at another clinic – and means we didn’t need to use donor sperm.”