Fertility Authors Are No Dummies

Issue Date: 7 June 2007

Fertility authors are no Dummies!
Fertility authors are no Dummies!

A Midlands’ fertility expert and former fertility patient have co-authored Fertility and Infertility for Dummies®, a complete guide to understanding fertility and getting pregnant.

Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services and Jill Anthony-Ackery – whose daughter was born after IVF ICSI treatment at the Aldridge-based clinic – have combined their professional and patient perspectives to give expert, clear and concise advice.

“Making babies is supposed to be fun and easy but if you’re the one in every six couples in the UK having problems conceiving, this is the book for you,” said Dr Lockwood. “Using the latest scientific research and a sprinkling of humour and personal stories, we outline the problems which stop people conceiving, explore different treatment options and offer advice on how to find a fertility clinic and fund treatment.”

“This book advises people trying to conceive when not to panic, when to seek help, what sort of help to find – and avoid! – and what the emotional, financial and medical impact of assisted conception can be,” said Jill Anthony-Ackery.

“My husband and I were lucky with our treatment; we chose a great clinic and our daughter was born after two cycles of IVF ICSI – one of which was funded by our PCT. Despite miscarrying the twins we conceived from our first IVF cycle, we eventually had the baby we dreamed of. Other people have a very different experience and we hope that the book will help readers be less worried after being told ‘you need fertility treatment’.”

Dr Gillian Lockwood has been medical director of MFS since 2000. Since then the clinic has introduced ovarian reserve testing to assess a woman’s ‘fertility’ age and is the only clinic in the UK to have provided treatment resulting in the live births of ‘frozen egg’ babies. MFS manages about 900 IVF treatment cycles every year to patients who are both privately and NHS-funded. Almost 4,000 babies have been born after treatment at MFS.


Midland Fertility Services was established in 1987 and is licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. In 2000 MFS became the first UK IVF clinic to use inhibin B to assess ovarian reserve and in 2002 the UK’s first ‘frozen egg’ baby was born following treatment at MFS, using the baby’s mother’s own egg and giving hope to young cancer patients worried about fertility preservation. In 2004, MFS celebrated the birth of the 3,000th baby following treatment at the clinic and in June 2005, registered its 13,000th patient. In September 2005, the UK’s first twins were born from ‘frozen egg’ fertility treatment at MFS. Based in Aldridge and Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, MFS treats both private and NHS-funded patients from throughout the UK and abroad.