Male Investigations and Treatments

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Male infertility is the primary problem for more than 30% of the couples who receive fertility treatment in the UK.  And another 30% have both male and female factor infertility – so infertility is definitely not just a female issue!

Midland Fertility offers a comprehensive range of fertility investigations, preservation services and treatments for men, whether they are single or in a relationship.

In addition to the pre-treatment review  which assesses the fertility of both the male and female partners of a couple, this section describes the services at Midland Fertility to diagnose and treat male infertility, or to preserve male fertility:

The reasons for male infertility are varied:

Sperm production problems

  • abnormal low levels of LH, FSH or testosterone hormones, although this may be treatable with hormone medications
  • use of recreational and non-prescription drugs, especially cannabis and anabolic steroids, can seriously impair sperm production
  • premature andropause, the male equivalent of the female menopause, can occur where high levels of FSH hormone impair sperm production
  • sertoli cell only syndrome, where the germ cells that produce the sperm in the testes are absent. No treatment is currently available to overcome this

Obstruction problems

Mechanical problems

Sperm may not be able to be released normally because of mechanical problems including:

  • retrograde ejaculation, where most of the sperm go into the bladder
  • spinal injury which prevents ejaculation
  • damage caused by illness, such as diabetes or adolescent mumps
  • damage caused by injury
  • damage caused by surgery, such as hernia surgery
  • erection and ejaculation problems

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