Guide to Self-Injecting

This information is general and no substitute for the individualised injection-training each patient will receive at Midland Fertility. It is important to take notes at this appointment as some treatment plans may vary depending on clinical need.


Injections training appointment

Following the treatment planning appointment, patients receive training to self-inject the fertility drugs required for the next stage of treatment.

As each patient’s treatment is tailor-made to their individual requirements, the drug types and protocols will vary. Patients are reminded not to compare their prescriptions with those of other patients.

It is strongly recommended that:

  • the woman who will be having the injections is accompanied to the injection-training appointment by her husband, partner or a friend who can drive
  • that someone should remain with the patient for at least one hour after administering any self-injected medication for the first time
The injectable medications most usually prescribed at Midland Fertility
The injectable medications most usually prescribed at Midland Fertility

 Video guides to self-injecting

Patients who are prescribed:

  • buserelin
  • Fostimon® (Urofollitropin)
  • Merional® (Menotrophin BP)

can access on-line, video guides to self-injecting via the website of Pharmasure, the key supplier of patients’ drugs to Midland Fertility:

injections pharmasure1

  • select the relevant self-injecting guide from the drop down menu

injections pharmasure2

  • ensure the sound is turned on
  • watch the whole video before preparing to self-inject and until the procedure is familiar

How fertility drugs are obtained and supplied

Injectable fertility drugs are supplied as either:

  • vials: have a rubber stopper
  • ampoules: have a glass ‘nipple’ that needs to be broken off. Please take care when opening

They are received with all the necessary equipment for safe self-injecting:

  • private patients: all drugs – and some equipment for Fostimon and Merional – are delivered directly to the patients’ homes. Other equipment will collected by the patient at Midland Fertility
  • NHS patients: collect their drugs and equipment from Midland Fertility at the injection training appointment

A patient may choose to source her own medications – an additional fee is levied for private prescriptions.


  • syringes
  • mixing needles and injecting needles
  • sharps’ bin (for safe disposal of needles, syringes, vials and/or ampoules). Do not over-fill the sharps’ bin so that the lid does not shut. It must be returned to Midland Fertility or to a GP surgery for safe disposal and MUST NOT be included in household waste
  • ampoule breakers are supplied to patients only for Midland Fertility-supplied Fostimon and Merional

How to store fertility drugs

  • drugs must be stored between 4 to 18°C. Refrigeration is not required
  • patients should refer to the ‘Treatment Schedule’ in the Midland Fertility blue patient’s folder detailing the types, dates and quantities of the drugs they have been prescribed
  • if preferred, the patient’s partner can do the injections (but only if they’ve received the training)
  • expensive numbing creams aren’t necessary, but some patients find it easier to numb the spot with an ice-cube before the hCG injection
  • do the injections at the same time every day, unless instructed otherwise

Side-effects of self-injecting medication

Fertility medications may cause some ‘normal’ side effects, including local irritation or redness. If any other side-effects are noticed the patient should contact Midland Fertility (see below).

Are medications included in the treatment cost?

  • for private patients, the cost of drugs is calculated on individual patient need. Patients will be advised of the cost at the appointment following treatment assessment. The cost for any required ‘top-up’ drugs will be discussed as required and must be paid-for before receipt
  • drugs for NHS patients will be supplied as part of their treatment package

More information

If in any doubt about injecting medications:

  • email the clinical team
  • contact the clinical team during usual clinic hours on the number at the top of the screen. Out of hours, a voice mail message will state the mobile number of the senior on-call member of staff to contact
  • download and print this page
  • if in any doubt, ASK!

LU: 25/11/14/JAA