Pre-Conception Supplements for Women

What are the benefits of a pre-conception supplement?

The pre-conception supplement for women which is available from Midland Fertility is a patented food supplement that contains both L-Carnitine and Acetyl-l-Carnitine, two highly researched and important compounds that are clinically proven to improve egg quality. Both L-Carntine and Acetyl-l-Carnitine are considered to be of major importance when choosing antioxidant therapy to aid fertility (Cochrane, 2014).

Carnitines also help to restore and protect the function of the mitochondria which are the ‘power houses’ of the human body. Food is eaten and broken down in the body and turned into energy in the mitochondria, ready for the body to use for various processes. The ability of the mitochondria to function properly increases the amount of available energy for good follicular growth, cell division and embryonic development.

What does the pre-conception supplement contain?

Proxeed® Women is a food supplement which contains vitamins and minerals designed to support the physiological processes involved in fertility and reproduction:

proxeed contents1

Dosage is one sachet per day for four to six months, or as long as the woman is trying to conceive.

Who may benefit?

Proxeed® Women is specially formulated for women of reproductive age and is recommended for all women trying to conceive.

Women with a raised BMI (above 28) or taking some medications will need an additional source of folic acid.  A Midland Fertility clinical midwife or fertility nurse specialist will be able to give further advice.

What is included in the cost?

The cost of the pre-conception supplement is in addition to medications and investigations or treatments, or all other services at Midland Fertility.

What is not included in the cost?

The cost of the pre-conception supplement does not include any fertility investigations, treatments, preservation services, or medications for either partner.


Cost of Proxeed® Women pre-conception supplement at Midland Fertility (1 box/30 sachets [one month’s supply]) : £30.50

It is available to buy direct from the manufacturer via the link below, or via Midland Fertility.

Please refer to the current List of Charges for the costs of all services at Midland Fertility.

Further information

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