2D Pregnancy Scans

10 PSS 6+

IVI Midland offers 2D reassurance scans from weeks six to 12 of pregnancy.

At scans during these weeks, the mum-/parents-to-be will see:

  • any visible heartbeat
  • the position of the baby

As part of this service, scan patients will receive:

  • a USB of the scan images
  • five printed images
  • one branded photo display card

For IVI Midland assisted conception patients, the scan service offers continuing reassurance about the progress of the pregnancy, in the familiar environment of the clinic at which they have received treatment.  For other patients, the service provides reassurance in a discreet, easily accessible unit, with flexible appointments.

Please note, IVI Midland will not carry out any measurements, or standard checks that are a part of routine NHS scans.

Pregnancy scanning at IVI Midland does not replace NHS ante-natal scanning, but is available as an additional chargeable service to all patients and clients.


Cost of 2D pregnancy scan (6 to 12 weeks) at IVI Midland: £75.00

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LU: 6/2/17/JAA