Fertility Check-Up for Female/Male Couples

At Midland Fertility, a fertility check-up is available for female/male couples who wish to check their fertility before trying to conceive.  No referral is required for a fertility check-up, which assesses the most common indicators of fertility.


Who can benefit from a fertility check-up?

The fertility check-up is recommended for male/female couples who haven’t yet started trying to conceive, but who would like reassurance about their fertility.

What is included in the check-up?

The female/male fertility check-up includes:

  • the appropriate combination of the following tests and investigations:
    • measurement of the FSH hormone level and of the FSH:LH hormone ratio
    • measurement of the AMH level as part of the ‘ovarian reserve’ assessment
    • an ovarian ultrasound scan
    • a semen analysis
  • advice on lifestyle factors which could potentially affect fertility
  • the review and communication of your test results by a specialist fertility nurse or doctor

How long does the check-up take?

The fertility check-up may take between one week and one month, depending on the woman’s cycle.

The results

The results may either identify treatable problems which are preventing pregnancy occurring or they may reassure the couple that they have a good chance of conceiving naturally.  The results will be explained by one of the fertility specialists and the patients will have the opportunity to ask any questions and the specialist may be able to offer advice on maximising fertility.


Cost of the fertility investigation package at Midland Fertility: £375.00

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