Vasectomy Reversal Back-up Plan


Vasectomy reversals are extremely successful for certain groups of men, especially if they are younger and there is a short period of time between the vasectomy and the reversal.  However, reversal may not be successful; sperm may be released but only for a brief period, or perhaps the sperm quality is so poor that it significantly reduces the chance of conceiving.

If the urologist thinks there is a poor chance of a successful vasectomy reversal, scientists from Midland Fertility can attend the reversal operation to receive samples of the sperm directly from the epididymis or testis.  The vasectomy reversal back-up package avoids the need for a second surgical procedure, if the reversal is not successful.

The Midland Fertility back-up package gives two major benefits to men planning a vasectomy reversal:

  • it avoids the need for a second surgical procedure should the reversal fail, so reducing the cost of any future fertility treatment
  • it reduces anxiety, because if the reversal is unsuccessful, or if a man has continuing fertility problems, sperm is stored ready for use with ICSI

Who may benefit from the Vasectomy Reversal Back-up Plan?

  • any man planning a vasectomy reversal operation

What is involved in the procedure?

  • Midland Fertility can recommend urological surgeons who are able to perform the reversal procedure. The patient can make his own enquiries with these specialists, and pay the cost of the consultations and the vasectomy reversal directly to the surgeon or hospital he selects
  • in advance of the surgery, the patient notifies Midland Fertility of the chosen hospital and discusses the procedure with one of the Midland Fertility scientific team, who advises on counselling and consent issues
  • the Midland Fertility scientist liaises with the surgeon and attends the hospital theatre at the time of the reversal operation
  • during the vasectomy reversal operation, the surgeon attempts to extract sperm from the epididymis. If this is not possible, a tiny piece of testis (a biopsy) can be taken. If sperm are present from either location, they can be extracted, cultured and then frozen in case future ICSI treatment is required
  • following an appointment after the operation, Midland Fertility undertakes a detailed analysis of the quality of the sperm being ejaculated following the reversal, to assess any need to freeze sperm in case the reversal is not permanent
  • if no sperm can be produced naturally following the reversal, the sample collected during the reversal procedure may be used in ICSI treatment

What is included in the cost?

  • infection screen and pre-vasectomy reversal consultation
  • freezing of extracted sperm
  • one year’s storage of sperm
  • post-reversal sperm analysis and freezing of ejaculated sperm (if appropriate)

What is not included in the cost?

  • the vasectomy reversal procedure
  • ICSI treatment

How long does treatment take?

The reversal back-up package is scheduled around the vasectomy reversal operation.  Before the reversal, Midland Fertility will carry out a routine infection screening blood test and the patient will need to complete ‘consent to freeze’ forms.  Midland Fertility can do a semen analysis two to four weeks after the reversal surgery and sperm can also be frozen at this time, in case the initial success is not permanent.


Midland Fertility is confident that the back-up package should be successful for a man with good sperm who has been fertile in the past.


Cost of the vasectomy reversal back-up plan at Midland Fertility: £1,595.00

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