Costs: Important Information

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This information should be read with the Midland Fertility Services Limited Terms and Conditions.  Midland Fertility operates an open and transparent fee structure.  Midland Fertility reserves the right to alter the fees at any time.  Any questions about the cost of treatment or cancellation policy should be emailed to the finance team via or by telephone on the number at the top of the page.

Consultations and patient registration

Consultations are payable on booking.  The Registration and Assessment Fee for the Miscarriage and Implantation Failure Service is payable prior to the documents being sent out.  A Patient Registration Fee is payable by all new patients attending the clinic for tests and additional procedures but not undertaking fertility treatment.

Treatment and drugs

Published costs in the List of Charges include all of the usual stages of treatment, from the treatment planning appointment through to confirmation of pregnancy or follow-up consultation.  These costs do not include any medication required throughout the treatment as prescriptions can vary based on treatment plans.

Patients are responsible for paying all treatment fees in full before treatment begins.  Treatment planning appointments will not be secured until payment has been received and has cleared the Midland Fertility bank account.  In addition:

  • drugs ordered by Midland Fertility from the pharmaceutical company, which total less than £150 per patient, incur an administration charge of £15
  • storage of patient drugs at Midland Fertility incurs a charge of £75
  • HFEA levies are beyond the control of Midland Fertility and may be subject to change. HFEA levies are applicable for all IVF, ICSI and frozen embryo transfer cycles and on IUI cycles using donor sperm.  The current HFEA levies are published in the List of Charges
  • the first year’s storage of frozen gametes and embryos is included in the original treatment cost. Any further years of storage will be chargeable
  • payment for any test, screening or other procedure (both male and female and including donors and surrogates), whether completed alone or as part of a treatment cycle, is due either in advance or on the day on which it is performed (dependent upon the test or procedure – please refer to the finance team)

Payment options

Credit Cards

  • by cheque
  • by cash (please do not send cash via the post)
  • debit cards (no additional charge)
  • credit cards – additional 2% charge
  • by bank transfer:
Bank name Handelsbanken, Tamworth Branch, Bitterscote House, Bonehill Road, Tamworth B78 3HQ
Account name Midland Fertility Services
Sort code 40-51-62
Account number 59385931
Swift / BIC HAND GB 22
IBAN GB61 HAND 4051 6259 3859 31
  • The patient reference number should be included when making a bank transfer.  Failure to include the patient reference number may prevent identification of the payment and delay the start of treatment

Further information

Any questions about the cost of treatment or finance arrangements should be emailed to the finance team, or call the number at the top pf the page.

LU: 24/3/16/JAA