Potential Sperm Donor Initial Checklist

sperm donor check

If you would like to become a sperm donor, complete this self-assessment form to see if you meet the current rigorous criteria for donors. Simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions. Your response will be calculated and you will receive a pop-up message either declining your offer to be a sperm donor or inviting you to contact Midland Fertility on the number at the top of the page, to get more information or to make an appointment for initial tests and counselling.

LU: 22/8/14/JAA

1Are you generally fit and healthy?
2Are you aged 18 - 41 years
3Have you recently, or are you currently using illegal drugs?
4Have you or your partner ever had a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes or genital warts?
5Are your blood relatives generally fit and healthy?
6As far as you know, has anyone in your family had any of the following: 
 a - juvenile diabetes (insulin dependent)
 b - severe epilepsy
 c - cystic fibrosis
 d - severe asthma
 e - haemophilia
7Sperm donors need to be able to commit to about an hour (depending on travelling time) each week to donate. Would this be a problem for you?
8The law allows that identifying information about the sperm donor may be held for possible future release to any child born from donor sperm, should they request it after they reach the age of 18. Would you be happy to possibly be identified as the genetic father of any child born from your donor sperm in the future?