Midland Fertility Forum

In 2006 Midland Fertility launched its on-line forum – a 24/7 interactive community for past and current Midland Fertility patients.

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The Midland Fertility Forum is available to anyone who is interested in discussing fertility treatment with people who have had similar experiences.  Undoubtedly patients find it a useful way to share the highs and lows of their treatment, or to exchange information – and even to make long-lasting friendships.


Just a tip, click the glossary button on the Forum homepage and the world of ‘Forum-speak’ will all be revealed!

Registration to the Midland Fertility Forum is free and available to anyone who has access to the internet.  By entering the Midland Fertility Forum, visitors and registered users confirm that they have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions and Forum rules as set out in the Midland Fertility legal information.  Visitors who disagree with this must not enter the Midland Fertility Forum.

Comments from registered users about the Midland Fertility Forum…

‘ . . and I have to say that this forum has been an absolute god send to me as this is where people truly understand and everyone is very supportive to each other. . . . this is where everyone chats, so come on over. x’

‘This (Forum) bonds us with the friendship and support that we are unable to get when we turn to some family members and so-called friends as only someone who has/is going through treatment can truly understand the pain and desperation for a child, the heartache we feel for ourselves and others on here and the highs/lows that we go through at various stages of treatment!’

‘Thank you so much for your words of support and for the information given.  Your kind words and you sharing your experiences really helped and I agree; this type of Forum is a good place to gain more knowledge and it’s nice to make contact with people who are sharing the same problems.  You have really helped to put me at ease.’

‘You will find this website an absolute godsend, as everyone is so lovely and supportive . . . . Whether you want to seek advice, let off steam, rant, cry, etc,’

‘Anyway the reason why I am back is because we are due to undertake treatment again starting June  . . very excited and very, very nervous too!  I never posted on this forum before but always scanned my eyes over it however would love it if I could get to know you all this time round . . .’

LU: 24/10/14 LJB