What the Patients Say!


Since 1987, Midland Fertility has helped thousands people to have families.

Here are a few of those who wanted to share their stories . . .

Amy and David Sproson with William, Sutton Coldfield

Sproson Amy suffered from endometriosis and had already been through an early miscarriage and several failed treatment cycles at her local hospital before coming to Midland Fertility for IVF treatment.”Thank you for making all our dreams come true! We came to you in August 2012 after years of trying. Through IVF our little miracle was born in July 2013. William has changed our life for the better and we can’t thank Midland Fertility enough. He’s just had his first birthday and is a joy. We will recommend you to anyone else having problems. Thanks again xxx”

Michelle with Max and Millie, Birmingham

Michelle, a single lady came to Midland Fertility when she felt ready to start her own family.

“I can honestly say I owe Midland Fertility sooo much for giving me my two beautiful children. Without you, I don’t know how I would have achieved my dream of becoming a mom, they both mean sooo much to me and I’m so lucky to have them both.  I can never thank Midland Fertility enough.”

Amy and Gavin Norman with Imogen, Hereford

Norman Amy and Gavin had struggled with male factor infertility before seeking advice from Midland Fertility.”We started our journey with Midland Fertility in April 2012 with NHS funding from Herefordshire Wye Valley, for one round of treatment. Following our consultation and tests it was felt that our chances of success would be improved if we had ICSI.  Our first cycle of treatment sadly resulted in an early miscarriage.  Due to the level of care we received we felt confident to continue with Midland Fertility for privately funded treatment.  After a well earned break and a holiday we returned to Midland Fertility for a further cycle of ICSI which resulted in a positive pregnancy test!  Our beautiful daughter was born on Christmas Day 2013 at 35 weeks. She was five weeks early but completely healthy. We cannot thank the staff at Midland Fertility for all their help, advice and support. With out them we probably wouldn’t have had a chance of having a child.”

Katie and Sean with Sienna, Staffordshire

Katie and Sean learned that Katie had blocked fallopian tubes that was preventing the couple conceiving.  They underwent an IVF cycle with Midland Fertility.

“With thanks to Midland Fertility my partner and I had a beautiful baby girl three years ago.   It was the best thing to ever happen to us as we couldn’t get pregnant on our own due to me having blocked tubes.  She is our little miracle and we feel so blessed after our long journey and are now enjoying being parents ourselves which we never thought would happen.  Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Midland Fertility our dream finally came true and we couldn’t be happier xxx”

Clare Davies and Kate Powis with Charlie and Lottie, Hereford

Davies and Powis Clare and Kate had tried for four years to achieve a pregnancy. After two IUI cycles, and four IVF cycles the couple were heartbroken at the prospect of never becoming a family.  Clare and Kate then visited Midland Fertility where Clare was taken through an IVF cycle with donor sperm.

“After our first meeting at the Midland Fertility I felt so positive and comfortable to proceed with them, it never feels like you are in a hospital environment which we loved.  It is so important when going through the process of IVF which can be an emotional roller coaster at times you feel at ease and relaxed with your consultant and nurses and we were looked after so well.

After our IVF cycle, the wait for the pregnancy test is one of the longest waits I will ever have to endure.  The seconds waiting to see if a line appears, even longer!

We were delighted to learn we were having twins.  Then finding we were having a boy and a girl even more amazing.

Clare had an amazingly smooth pregnancy then with a bang on bonfire night in November 2013 Charlie and Lottie were born by caesarean section at 10.30am, one minute apart.

Now we are a family and it is everything we have hoped for and more.  They are now eight months old and watching them grow and develop is better than anything we have ever done in our lives and could not imagine life without them.  Having twins is hard work but to watch them both smile at each other in the mornings and babble to each other in the car it’s a special experience for us and them.

I try not to think how our life would have been if we had not tried one last time and we had not heard of the Midland Fertility.  We are thinking of trying for a third with my eggs in storage so you never know!”

Vicky Miner and Steve Hill with Stevie, Walsall

Vicky accessed Midland Fertility’s recurrent miscarriage and implantation failure service to help diagnose and treat a natural conception.

Vicky, Steve and Stevie “I can’t thank Midland Fertility enough.  I first went to the clinic with fertility problems after years of trying for a family with my partner.   We went to Midland Fertility and explained that I had previously lost six babies ranging from five to 18 weeks.  Midland Fertility started to look into why it just wasn’t happening for us.   At the same time I was worried that if I did become pregnant would I ever be a mum at the end of it.

During our visits to the clinic Midland Fertility was amazing.  The team explained they offered recurrent miscarriage tests to help prevent another pregnancy loss.  Finding that I had their support was a blessing. They discovered that I had a high level of natural killer cells, a condition that can be treated.

“When I fell pregnant naturally in Jan 2012 I didn’t stop crying! I went to see them, full of dread and fear. They were my rock. They listened to all my fears and with great understanding and honesty and supported me and my pregnancy from day one. The care I received from Midland Fertility was second to none. I gave birth to my perfect, healthy baby girl in 2012.   After 15 years each and every second of the day we have been blessed and without Midland Fertility I would never have had my daughter.”

Sarah, Staffordshire

After completing her own family, Sarah wanted to help other women become mums by donating her eggs, this is why…

“My name is Sarah, and I am an egg donor for Midland Fertility.  I have just completed my third donation, my family think I’m completely bonkers but they understand my reasons!

I am very lucky to be a mum to two beautiful sons, aged eight and 11 – they mean the world to me. I always saw the opportunity of being able to donate my eggs to someone who struggles to conceive naturally as the perfect gift, especially as it means they may be able to have a chance to have their own children who mean the world to them.

I went to see Midland Fertility on one of their open evenings where I spoke to one of the members of staff about my wishes.  She was very understanding and started the process.  I needed to have lots of tests, but once all results came back, I was matched to a recipient and I started my treatment.  This involved one injection in my stomach every day, which increased to two injections over time. At times, this was quite difficult, but the support I got from Midland Fertility was fantastic, and it made it all worthwhile just knowing that it may help a family.  On the day of collection, I was so scared, but as usual with Midland Fertility, they reassured me throughout the whole process and I felt completely cared for.  It’s only in hindsight now, I realise that I really didn’t have anything to worry about.  Its because of this, that I have gone on to two further donations.

When you are an egg donor, you need to wait a year before you can hear the outcome of your recipients treatment.  Late last year, Midland Fertility told me that my recipient from my first donation had gone on to have a healthy and very happy baby.  I felt so chuffed, and to be honest, I came off the phone and cried!  It was such an emotional feeling to discover that a couple’s life had changed, and that they were now a Mummy and Daddy 🙂

I am still waiting to hear about my two further donations, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I wish you so much luck in your journey with Midland Fertility, whether as a recipient or as a donor, you are in good hands.

Sarah x”

Richard and Lotte Coombe-Perry with Millie and Beatrice, Warwickshire

Richard and Lotte learned they needed ICSI treatment to give themselves the best chances of starting their own family.


Millie and Beatrice “My husband was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was 18 and we always knew that we would need help starting our family. We were incredibly fortunate to be told about Midland Fertility by our family doctor. My husband’s pre chemo samples were stored at another facility so decided to sound out both with initial consultations. They couldn’t have been more polar in their opinions and our initial experience of them. We chose Midland Fertility and set about transferring my husband’s gametes to begin treatment. We just got the right vibes and felt comfortable with them and were reassured by their pioneering treatments and active research. We never once looked at their outcome statistics for us it was about a feeling, and that is what we found at Midland Fertility.Richard and Lotte learned they needed ICSI treatment to give themselves the best chances of starting their own family.

From the initial discussions through to our positive outcome, we cannot fault any aspect of Midland Fertility. Navigating us through every step of our treatment journey, all the staff were compassionate, supportive and made us feel normal but special at the same time, even managing humour to put us at ease in sometimes nerve racking and painful situations.

Their holistic approach meant any aspect, be it financial, emotional or your wellbeing had a clear support network to guide you and so many different ways to access it, phone, face to face appointments, late night emails or the patient forum, all were there to reassure you during this incredibly steep learning curve, where you are suddenly having to understand reproduction on a far deeper level than most!

Suddenly a whole unknown world of treatment options was introduced to us in a way we could understand and were never made to felt we were asking a silly question. It was done with a warmth, a respect, using terminology we could comprehend.

The day we left Midland Fertility because it was time for the NHS to take over was bittersweet; the clinic had become such a big and special part of our lives, I know our car missed the 100 mile round trip as well. Both my husband I were surprised that now pregnant we were treated just the same as everyone else. We had got used to the wonderful warm, personal 24 hour support and to the constant monitoring, realising once it had gone how reassuring we had found it.

At Midland Fertility we were never a number, we were part of their ever growing family!

Busy, blessed and eternally grateful.”

Ella and Sam with Freya and Joseph, Cornwall

Ella and Sam underwent ICSI treatment at Midland Fertility using Sam’s frozen sperm stored when he was diagnosed with cancer…

Freya and Joseph “I, Sam Payne, underwent chemotherapy in 1991, aged just 15 and prior to my treatment my parents had the foresight for me to store frozen sperm. My partner, Ella Charman,  and I underwent three unsuccessful treatments for ICSI at another clinic in 2004, 2005 and 2006.We then turned to Midland Fertility for treatment in October 2006 where four embryos were created. Two were transferred and two were frozen. To our delight this treatment was successful and our daughter Freya was born in July 2007.We then returned to the clinic two years later for further treatment and had the frozen embryos successfully thawed and transferred.  Our son Joseph was born in October 2009, three years after the orginal treatment and 18 years after I had my own treatment.We have now relocated from the Midlands to Cornwall but wanted to share our story with others to provide them with hope.  We would also like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Midland Fertility.”

Michelle and Tony with George, Tipton

Michelle and Tony underwent IVF and ICSI treatment at Midland Fertility back in 1996.

the burrows “Tony and I got married in March 1989 and I became pregnant in May but miscarried at eight weeks.  Following the first pregnancy loss, we had more miscarriages so had a series of tests to try to find a reason.  The results came back inconclusive so we were referred to Midland Fertility by our GP.  We were nervous and excited at the prospect of starting IVF treatment and after the first cycle we had a positive pregnancy test result.  Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended with an early miscarriage.  We tried another cycle of IVF treatment and again, we were delighted with a positive pregnancy test. We hoped for the best but were devastated when I miscarried again at ten weeks. Midland Fertility told us about a fertilisation technique called ICSI which was relatively new at the time which they wanted to try so, after another cycle of treatment, I had two embryos transferred. We had a positive pregnancy test and this time I had daily injections up to eight weeks of pregnancy and plenty of bed rest. We were terrified when I began to bleed again but, after a scan at Midland Fertility, we were told we had one healthy heartbeat!George Jonah Edward Burrows was born four weeks early in June 1997 and weighed 7lb 14oz. When George was 18 months old, we had the remaining frozen embryos transferred but unfortunately, I miscarried again.  After trying for a family for nine long years George is our world. We had tried for 9 long years for a baby. We are so relieved that we never gave up and always believed it would happen for us.  We thank Midland Fertility  from the bottom of our hearts for making us such a proud mum and dad.”

Susanne and John with Isabella and Elanor, Birmingham

Susanne and John sought advice from Midland Fertility and after a successful treatment cycle, came back for another!

 susana humpage “We owe Midland Fertility so much. They have been professional, caring and supportive throughout all our appointments.We went to Midland Fertility after we had been trying for a family for years and had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.
We had two rounds of IVF and were so lucky to have been blessed with our two girls, Isabella (born April 2014) and Elanor (born December 2015). They have enriched our lives so much and we will be forever grateful to Midland Fertility for helping us create the family that we always wanted. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this clinic to couples who are in a similar position to us.”

Stacey and Lisa, Wolverhampton

Stacey and Lisa are Midland Fertility’s first ‘shared motherhood’ couple.

The process involved Lisa having ovarian stimulation and an egg collection, her eggs being fertilised with donor sperm sourced through the clinic and a resulting embryo being transferred to her partner Stacey for her to carry their child.

Stacey and I spent ages researching and trying to seek advice, get information about same sex couple treatment along with prices but with no luck.  I heard an advert on the local radio station about an open evening at Midland Fertility so I called the next day and booked us in. Instantly we knew that this was the place for us one million percent!!!  Our first perceptions of the clinic were that is was warm and welcoming, professional and very clean with lovely people who understood how we feel and what we wanted, it just felt right!

We are delighted that shared motherhood is now available.   The process was ideal for us and it’s the closest a female couple could ever be.  Physically, the treatment wasn’t as difficult as I had expected but the emotional side is really tough.  The staff really helped us through every step and Dr Krishna Vatturi was marvellous!

We would recommend any female couple thinking about shared motherhood to go for it!”

LU: 10/11/16 LJB