Medical Staff

Dr Gillian Lockwood FRCOG DPhil MA (Oxon)

Medical Director

Dr Gillian Lockwood

Dr Lockwood joined MFS in 2000 as medical director after working in fertility medicine since 1991, initially at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where she also completed her Doctorate. Her research interests include polycystic ovarian syndrome, age-related sub-fertility and recurrent miscarriage. Under her guidance, MFS was the first UK clinic to use the hormone inhibin B to assess ovarian reserve, a precursor to AMH testing.

She is ethics spokesperson for the British Fertility Society, former vice-chair of the RCOG Ethics Committee and was a special advisor to the Parliamentary Select committee reviewing the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990. In 2009 she was asked to join a Working Party of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics - ’Give and Take: Human Bodies in Medicine and Research’ considers the ethical issues that arise in the provision human body materials, from organs, gametes, corneas, blood etc, with a particular focus on the role of the person providing the ‘material’.

She lectures and broadcasts on ethical and social issues in reproductive medicine and has published widely on all aspects of fertility, including co-authoring Fertility & Infertility for Dummies with Jill Anthony-Ackery in 2007.

Email Dr Gillian Lockwood


Accredited Consultant

Mike Bowen

Mike has been Midland Fertility’s accredited consultant since 2003. He and Gillian Lockwood have been colleagues for about 20 years, having met and worked together in Oxford. Mike is a gynaecological surgeon with a special interest in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery. He has wide experience in the management of complex endometriosis and fibroids.

Dr Abey Eapen DRCOG MBBS BSc (Hons)

Clinical Lead


Dr Abey originally joined Midland Fertility in 2005 as a clinical research fellow after qualifying as a doctor in 2002 and then training as an SHO at both Walsall Manor Hospital and Good Hope Hospital Sutton Coldfield, from 2003-2005. In 2010 he left Midland Fertility and spent 14 months gaining further clinical experience in hospitals in Stoke on Trent and London, before returning to the Midland Fertility team in April 2011.  In September 2011 he was appointed clinical lead and, in addition to maintaining his regular patient case load, his role expanded to include mentoring the clinical research fellows and daily management of the recurrent miscarriage team.  He speaks English and Malayalam.

Email Dr Abey Eapen

Dr Anitha Kurinchi-Selvan MBBS DGO MSc

Clinical Research Fellow


Dr Anitha joined Midland Fertility in August 2012 after qualifying as a doctor in Southern India in 2000 and earning her post-graduate Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics in 2003. After achieving her MSc in London in 2009 she worked in hospitals in Cardiff and Grimsby and is currently preparing for her MRCOG qualification. In addition to fluent English she speaks Tamil.

Email Dr Anitha Kurinchi-Selvan

Dr Nirmal Felix MRCOG MBBS DGO

Clinical Research Fellow


Dr Nirmal studied medicine and graduated in India in 2004.  She then worked as a tutor in obstetrics and gynaecology at Medical College Hospital before emigrating to the UK.  She achieved her MRCOG in 2011 and gained experience as a registrar at Leicester General Hospital and Chesterfield Hospital, developing a special interest in reproductive medicine and outpatient hysteroscopy.   Due to her interest in the field of fertility Dr Nirmal joined the clinical team at Midland Fertility in November 2013.

Email Dr Nirmal Felix

Nursing Staff

Heidi Birch RGN RM MSc

Director of Nursing Services

Heidi Birch

Heidi joined Midland Fertility in 1987 soon after the unit opened. She joined the Board of Directors in 1996 and is responsible for delivering and continuously improving the clinic’s nursing services.

She is one of the most highly-qualified fertility nurses in the UK, licensed for many procedures only doctors carry out at other hospitals and clinics, including egg collections and is currently the only nurse in Europe carrying out surgical sperm retrieval. Her extensive experience led to an invitation to be the fertility nursing consultant during the set-up of a fertility clinic in Jamaica in 2000.

In 2006 she was elected to the chair of the paramedical committee of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and in 2013 she became an inspector for the HFEA.

Email Heidi Birch

Mandy Godwin RM  BSc (Hons)  DipHE

Nurse Manager

Mandy Godwin

Mandy Godwin has worked at Midland Fertility since 2004, leaving briefly for two short periods to work at Good Hope Hospital and at a London fertility clinic.  In 2007 she was appointed nurse manager at Midland Fertility, a role which includes patient caseloads as well as managing the nurse staffing requirements, clinical reviews and maintaining and further improving standards of nursing care at Midland Fertility. With some of the other Midland Fertility nurse specialists and clinical midwives, Mandy is one of only a few nurses in the UK who can perform IVF egg recoveries and she is also one of the Midland Fertility out-of-hours on-call team.

In 2006 Mandy received the Canadian Nurse Exchange award after presenting a paper at the British Fertility Society (BFS) on her research into fertility drugs, which she prepared as part of her MSc in Women’s Health. Mandy occasionally works in the maternity unit at Good Hope Hospital, so she has the chance to see some Midland Fertility patients at the other end of their pregnancies too!

Email Mandy Godwin

Bethan Elton RM BSc (Hons)

Clinical Midwife


After qualifying as a ‘direct entry’ midwife in 2002, Bethan joined Midland Fertility in April 2003 and in 2005 she completed a degree in midwifery from the University of Nottingham. In addition to her patient caseload, Bethan is regularly part of the surgical sperm retrieval team and carries out embryo transfers.  She is also one of the miscarriage and implantation failure service team.

Email Beth Elton c/o The Nurses at MFS

Victoria King RN DipHE

Fertility Nurse Specialist


Victoria joined Midland Fertility in November 2005 after training, and gaining five years nursing experience, including some midwifery experience, at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton.  Victoria is one of the only nurses in the UK currently performing egg recoveries.

Email Victoria King c/o The Nurses at MFS

Sally Parkes RM BSc (Hons)

Clinical Midwife


Sally joined Midland Fertility in November 2010 as a clinical midwife after training at Sandwell Hospital in 2001, qualifying as a midwife in 2004 after completing her midwifery degree from University of Wolverhampton and subsequently working on the maternity unit at Sandwell.  She plans to continue working occasionally at Sandwell to maintain her midwifery skills - so she’ll see some Midland Fertility patients right through from conception to delivery!

Email Sally Parkes c/o The Nurses at MFS

Angela Thompson RGN BSc (Hons) DipHE

Fertility Nurse Specialist


Angela joined the clinical team at Midland Fertility in October 2012 after qualifying as a nurse in 2006 and then specialising in critical care nursing at Good Hope Hospital for two years, and fertility nursing at a London clinic from 2009.  She studied for both her degree and her post-graduate diploma at the University of Central England.

Email Angela Thompson c/o The Nurses at MFS

Donna Wassell RN DipHE

Fertility Nurse Specialist


Donna joined Midland Fertility in March 2010 after training at Walsall Manor Hospital and qualifying in 2007 and then gaining experience as a district nurse and more recently as an endoscopy staff nurse at Good Hope Hospital.  Donna is one of the surgical sperm retrieval team along with assisting in the co-ordination of the egg share and donation programme at Midland Fertility.

Email Donna Wassell c/o The Nurses at MFS

Anne Yarwood RGN

Fertility Nurse Specialist


Anne joined Midland Fertility in October 2013 after training at Coventry University and gaining her first experience in nursing at Walsgrave Hospital as a vascular nurse.  She spent two years at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Coventry as a fertility nurse specialist then a year working in a leading complementary therapy fertility clinic in London before joining Midland Fertility. Anne has a particular interest in male infertility and nutrition.

Email Anne Yarwood c/o The Nurses at MFS

Claire Perkins

Fertility Nurse Specialist

Claire joined the clinical team at Midland Fertility in April 2014.  After gaining her nursing diploma at Nottingham University she spent 15 years on the colorectal unit at Sandwell Hospital, seven years of which as ward sister.  She then graduated with a nursing degree from Wolverhampton University in 2010.

Claire also underwent successful ICSI treatment with Midland Fertility so will be able to use her own experience to help other patients through their fertility journeys.

Email Claire Perkins c/o The Nurses at MFS


Vicky Lane-Davies NVQ

Fertility Nurse Assistant Supervisor


Vicky joined Midland Fertility in 2006 as one of the fertility nurse assistants and in 2013 she became the FNA supervisor overseeing, the team of three. She supports the clinical team in egg collections and embryo transfers, ensures stocks and drugs are replenished, handles some clinical administration and takes patient blood samples.   She has Healthcare NVQ Level 3 and is the infection control representative.

Email Vicky Lane-Davies c/o the nursing team at MFS

Sarah Barnard NVQ

Fertility Nurse Assistant


Sarah joined Midland Fertility in 1998 as an assistant to the nursing team. She helps with all the medical procedures and is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

Email Sarah Barnard c/o the nursing team at MFS

Kris Hayle

Fertility Nurse Assistant

Kris joined Midland Fertility in October 2013 as a fertility nurse assistant in a supporting role to the clinical team.  He has a medical background  as a nurse in a military hospital along with experience as an army medic in field surgery in Belize.  He has trained in urology and genitourinary medicine.  Kris then spent time working with the police force before changing direction to fertility medicine.  He will be using his skills as part of the ‘procedures’ team at Midland Fertility.

Email Kris Hayle c/o The Nurses at MFS

Sally Prime

Clinical Administrator


Sally joined Midland Fertility in 2011 as the clinical administrator, supporting the doctors, nurses and nurse assistants. She manages the clinical diary via the Data Management System, provides patients with results of tests and procedures, including pregnancy tests, books appointments and ensures that all clinical administration is handled as efficiently as possible.

Email Sally Prime c/o the nursing team at MFS

Anne Owen-Williams RGN HND NNEB

Counselling Services Manager


Anne joined Midland Fertility in January 2011 bringing more than seven years experience as a qualified BICA fertility counsellor, having worked independently in fertility clinics across the Midlands and the South West. She has facilitated several self-help fertility support groups and also works as a counsellor/counselling manager at an NHS fertility clinic. She has over 25 years experience working in an NHS hospital in Herefordshire as a senior staff nurse, mainly in Women’s Health clinics. She uses both her professional and personal experiences of infertility, IVF and becoming an adoptive parent of two, to provide counselling on fertility, surrogacy, donor conception and adoption issues for individuals or couples. She manages the Midland Fertility counselling service, including the independent counsellors, working with the clinical staff team to ensure that patients feel supported throughout their treatment. She is currently working towards Fertility Counselling Accreditation.

Email Anne Owen-Williams

Call the counselling service on 07931 520031

Laboratory Staff

Su Barlow CS M.Med.Sci BSc (Hons) DipRCPath

Laboratory Director

Su Barlow

Su joined Midland Fertility in 1991 and has been laboratory director since 1995 and a director since 1998. The research for her M.Med.Sci investigated the genetics of eggs that failed to fertilise.

In 2000 she and Gina were responsible for establishing the lab procedures for successfully freezing eggs using the slow-freeze method and for introducing vitrification ‘flash-freezing’ in 2008. She has overall responsibility for the lab and the cryo-storage of patients’ eggs, sperm and embryos and is the meetings co-ordinator for the Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE).

Email Su Barlow

Paul Wilson CS BSc (Hons) DipRCPath

Laboratory Manager


Paul joined Midland Fertility in February 2014, to manage the activities and team of the embryology and sperm laboratories.  With 20 years’ experience as a clinical embryologist at major fertility units in the Midlands and London, he brings his particular knowledge of the impact of sperm morphology (shape) on treatment outcomes, the vitrification of eggs and embryos, laboratory quality management systems, and staff development to Midland Fertility.  In addition, his role at the unit is to optimise the techniques and processes within the laboratories, to further improve livebirth rates and ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for each patient.

Email Paul Wilson

Gina Aldis CS MSc BSc (Hons)

Clinical Embryologist

Gina Aldis

Gina joined Midland Fertility in 1999 having previously specialised in the study of embryology in cattle. In 2001 she was appointed as lab manager at MFS, a role she held for four years before opting to scale down her hours as one of the team’s clinical embryologists.

Email Gina Aldis

Manjeet Hunjan CS MSc BSc (Hons)

Clinical Embryologist

Manjeet Hunjan

Manjeet joined the laboratory team in April 2012, having previously worked as a clinical embryologist in fertility clinics in London and at others in the West Midlands. Her work includes all lab protocols, from IVF and ICSI to gamete and embryo freezing.  In addition to English, she speaks Punjabi and Hindi.

Email Manjeet Hunjan

Clare Wilson CS BA (Hons)

Clinical Embryologist


Clare re-joined Midland Fertility in January 2012. She had previously been one of the laboratory team at the unit from 2001 to 2006 and also specialised in andrology at another IVF unit for five years before that. As one of the Midland Fertility clinical scientist (CS) embryologists, Clare undertakes IVF and ICSI procedures as well as all other embryology, egg and sperm protocols.

Email Clare Wilson

Laura Perkins BSc (Hons)

Trainee Embryologist

Laura Woodcock

After completing her BSc (Hons) in biological sciences in 2001, Laura worked as a college laboratory technician and joined Midland Fertility as laboratory assistant in January 2006, supporting the embryologists in all lab duties. In 2007 she became a semenologist, concentrating on semen analyses and sperm preparation. Following this, Laura began studying to become an embryologist and moved closer to clinical embryologist status in 2011 after achieving certification from the Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE).

Email Laura Perkins

Valerie Fraser BSc (Hons)


Valerie Fraser

After completing her BSc (Hons) in Geology, Valerie joined Midland Fertility in July 2006 as a laboratory assistant supporting the embryologists in all laboratory duties, including sperm preparation, data management and maintaining the cryo banks.  In 2010 she became a semenologist preparing sperm for use in treatment.

Email Valerie Fraser

Lynne Harrison FIBMS HND

Biomedical Scientist

Lynne Harrison

Lynne joined Midland Fertility in June 2006 with 30 years experience in pathology labs. With Jo Milner, the other Midland Fertility biomedical scientist, she ensures all the blood samples for hormone tests and infection screening are processed as required.

Email Lynne Harrison

Jo Milner MIBMS BSc (Hons)

Biomedical Scientist / Laboratory Assistant


Jo joined the lab team at Midland Fertility as one of the biomedical scientists in June 2009.  With more than 25 years experience in the immunology and biochemistry labs at Good Hope and Heartlands hospitals, Jo works with Lynne Harrison processing the hormone and infection screening blood tests, in addition to the AMH tests for ovarian reserve. In February 2009 she combined her BMS role with laboratory assistant responsibilities, including maintaining the cryobanks where the thousands of eggs, embryos and sperm are stored, cleaning and maintaining laboratory equipment and monitoring stock levels of materials and supplies.  Jo is also one of the Midland Fertility Forum moderators.

Email Jo Milner

Business Support Staff

Anna Kavanagh MBA DipIoD LlB (Hons) MIoD

Director of Quality and Business


Anna joined Midland Fertility in 1993 and managed the introduction of BS EN ISO 9002:1994 in the clinic. The successful accreditation in 1994 made Midland Fertility the first assisted conception unit in the world to achieve this prestigious quality management system.

Anna joined the board in 1997 and in 2000 she became company secretary. She is the registered manager with the Care Quality Commission and is responsible for the general management and administration of the business.

Email Anna Kavanagh

Nicole Alpers ACA

Finance Manager


Nicole joined Midland Fertility as the finance manager in October 2012. With more than 12 years experience in both accountancy practice, including at KPMG, and in the private sector, Nicole manages the finance team and is responsible for ensuring that patients’ and suppliers’ accounts are up to date. She will often meet patients at their first appointment to explain the payments procedure, or at other times to clarify any invoice queries or to discuss the cancellation policy.

Email Nicole Alpers

Jill Anthony-Ackery BA (Hons)

Communications Manager


Jill joined Midland Fertility in August 2004 with 14 years’ PR experience and after 18 months as the clinic’s PR consultant, as well as experience as an ICSI patient at Midland Fertility from 1999-2001. She is responsible for communicating the clinic’s services through printed and social media, the internet and literature and for managing its reputation through public relations activity. In 2006 MFS was awarded a Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Gold Award for her work on the Funded Fertility Treatment for All Campaign with The Birmingham Post. She has responsibility for Forum moderation and co-authored Fertility & Infertility for Dummies with Dr Gillian Lockwood. She has also completed the Fundamentals of Senior Management module towards an MBA.

Email Jill Anthony-Ackery

Direct phone: 07795 812523 - for media enquiries

Fiona Park NVQ

Quality and HR Manager

Fiona Park

Fiona re-joined Midland Fertility in 2004 and is responsible for the day to day management and maintenance of the quality management system - ensuring compliance with ISO9001:2008 and the additional requirements of the European Union Tissue Directive. Fiona also ensures effective and compliant management of the clinic’s human resources.

Email Fiona Park

Carol-Ann Smith

Office Manager


Carol-Ann joined Midland Fertility in June 2010 as the office manager, with 25 years’ administration experience, including 15 years in a management role, in financial services and the property industry.  At Midland Fertility she leads the team of receptionists, secretaries, admin assistants, filing clerks and housekeepers and ensures that patients receive the highest quality administration support and front-of-house services.

Email Carol-Ann Smith

Jyoti Patel MSc BSc (Hons)

Information Analyst

Jyoti Patel

Jyoti joined Midland Fertility in 1996 and is responsible for collecting data on treatment outcomes and compiling statistics for Midland Fertility to calculate and improve its success rates. She also reports and verifies all information about treatment cycles to the HFEA.

Email Jyoti Patel

Donna Rea-Gardner AMSPAR

Patient Relations Manager

Donna Rea-Gardner

Donna re-joined Midland Fertility in 1999 and in September 2012 took on the role of patient relations manager. For many patients, Donna is their first point of contact with Midland Fertility and she is available to help with any non-clinical queries throughout their treatment. She is also responsible for the recruitment of egg donors and for managing the recipient waiting list for both egg and embryo donation. In addition, she is part of the Midland Fertility quality management team, involved in incident investigation activity and supporting the work of the Midland Fertility complaints officer.

Email Donna Rea-Gardner

Direct mobile: 07584 633178

Linda Tanner

NHS Contracts Manager


Linda joined Midland Fertility in 1995 as a secretary and in 2004 she became responsible for liaising with the Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) which offer funded fertility treatment through Midland Fertility. Following an increase in the number of health authority contracts at Midland Fertility in 2005, Linda now manages the Midland Fertility relationship with 15 PCTs and is the first point of contact for all patients receiving funded treatment.

Email Linda Tanner

Jenny Abraham AMSPAR

Office Supervisor

Jenny Abraham

Jenny joined Midland Fertility in 2003 as a secretary and, with 15 years experience as a medical secretary or administration manager, was promoted to office supervisor in December 2005. Her responsibilities include supervising the weekend team and workload, secretarial work, typing patient letters and taking telephone calls.

Email Jenny Abraham

Carolyn Sage AMSPAR NVQ

Office Supervisor


Carolyn joined the team as a secretary in August 2009. In September 2013 she was promoted to office supervisor, deputising for the office manager in her absence and ensuring the smooth-running of the secretarial/reception team. She ensures relevant people are advised of patients’ treatment progress, provides administration support for the NHS contracts manager and is one of the friendly faces and voices of the front-of-house team.

She has RSA III typing and word processing, an NVQ3 in business administration and, in 2010, achieved a merit in her AMSPAR medical terminology qualification.

Email Carolyn Sage

Lynsey Bissell LlB (Hons)

Communications Executive


Lynsey joined Midland Fertility in 2008 as part of the office team.  After subsequent experience as a fertility nursing assistant and a successful ICSI patient she was appointed as communications executive in October 2013.  This was a newly created role to help drive the growing business.  Working with the communications manager, Lynsey helps implement all the Midland Fertility marcomms activity, including the website, social and print media coverage, and literature .  She is also a forum moderator along with co-ordinating regular fertility information events.

Email Lynsey Bissell

Becky Cooves NVQ

Finance Assistant

Becky Cooves

Becky originally joined the weekend administration team in 2005 as an office assistant. In July 2007 she extended her role at Midland Fertility to become the patient liaison finance officer, handling patient accounts, including issuing invoices and credit notes, receiving and recording payments and controlling bad debts. She left Midland Fertility for a short time in 2013, returning as the finance assistant in early 2014.

Email Becky Cooves via The Finance Team at MFS

Lindsay Pittaway-Howells

Finance Assistant

Lindsay Pittaway-Howells

Lindsay joined the finance team in January 2009 handling suppliers’ invoices and payments.  Her role has since grown to include raising patient invoices, discussion of financial arrangements with patients and dealing with all finance related queries.

Email Lindsay Pittaway-Howells via The Finance Team at MFS

Kerry Poston MAAT

Finance Assistant


Kerry joined Midland Fertility in March 2008 to handle the finance activity for suppliers’ accounts, sales invoices and bank reconciliation. She also takes patient payments over the phone and liaises with patients to offer assistance with financial queries.


Email Kerry Poston via The Finance Team at MFS

Stacey Wilkins

Finance Administrator


Stacey joined Midland Fertility in August 2012.  As the finance administrator, Stacey’s role includes filing, handling telephone payments and providing patients with details of treatment costs.

Email Stacey Wilkins via The Finance Team at MFS

Kerry Pemberton AAT

Finance Administrator


Kerry joined the finance team in October 2013.  Her role includes filing, handling telephone payments, and dealing with patient finance queries.  Kerry had previous experience in the private health care sector.

Email Kerry Pemberton via The Finance Team at MFS

Tammy Jones



Tammy joined the admin team as a receptionist/secretary in June 2012, with many years experience of administration in a private commercial company.  As one of the ‘front office’ reception team she ensures that patients and doctors are kept up to date with correspondence, as well as answering the phone and greeting people on arrival.

Email Tammy Jones

Kathy Gargett


Kathy Gargett

Kathy originally joined Midland Fertility in 1998 as housekeeper and later became office assistant. Now as one of the receptionists, her responsibilities include answering the telephones and welcoming people to Midland Fertility.

Email Kathy Gargett

Caroline Price


Caroline Price

Caroline joined Midland Fertility in 1993 and is one of the familiar faces on reception. She also answers telephone calls, handles patient payments and deals with patient enquiries.

Email Caroline Price

Shabila Kauser


Shabila joined Midland Fertility in September 2010 as one of the reception team, meeting and greeting patients and visitors on arrival and answering  patients’ phone calls and directing them to other members of the Midland Fertility team.

Email Shabila Kauser

Laura Hewitt-Marsh

Weekend Receptionist


Laura joined the reception team at Midland Fertility in March 2014 covering reception at weekends. Her role involves answering patients’ phone calls, welcoming patients and visitors to the unit and handling payments.  Laura graduated in English from the University of Birmingham in 2013.

Email Laura Hewitt-Marsh

Audrey Wilks

Secretary/Andrology Contracts Administrator

Audrey Wilks

Audrey joined Midland Fertility in 2012 and in addition to her secretarial role she is also the andrology contracts administrator, processing all the appointments and reports for the semen analysis contracts, including Stoke on Trent, South Staffordshire and the BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service).

Email Audrey Wilks

Sarah Johnson BSc

Auditor and Patient Data Administrator


Sarah joined Midland Fertility in November 2013 after graduating in biology from Nottingham University.  As part of her role she audits patient notes against the Midland Fertility quality standards.  She also handles the administration for any clinical trials undertaken at Midland Fertility, provides data to the HFEA and monitors and maintains the Midland Fertility quality manual.

Email Sarah Johnson

Ella Cormack

Filing Clerk


Ella joined Midland Fertility in September 2012.  As part of the weekend administration team she ensures that patients’ notes are available for Saturday and Sunday appointments.

Email Ella Cormack

Angela Justin

Filing Clerk

Angela Justin

Angela joined Midland Fertility in 2005 and her role as filing clerk includes handling the post and finance payments and taking telephone calls.

Email Angela Justin

Julie Gittings


Julie Gittings

Julie joined the housekeeping team in 2008, to help maintain a pleasant and clean environment for patients, staff and visitors on the two floors Midland Fertility occupies in Centre House.

Email Julie Gittings

Ann Dunn


Ann joined Midland Fertility as part of the housekeeping team in April 2014.  She has worked at The Manor Hospital in Walsall as housekeeper for eight years and still holds this position part time.  Ann helps to maintain the clinics high standard of hygiene and cleanliness for both patients and staff.

Email Ann Dunn

Carl Birch Mech Eng Tech

Facilities Manager

Carl Birch

Carl joined Midland Fertility in 2000 and is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the two floors Midland Fertility occupies at Centre House in Aldridge. He also manages the built environment requirements of major refurbishment projects, including the expansion within Centre House in 2007 and the subsequent redesign of the blood lab and new treatment rooms.

In addition to specifying and purchasing new equipment for Midland Fertility, Carl is the ‘person responsible’ for the legal deposit of all clinical and hazardous waste and for managing the maintenance plan, including fire safety compliance.

Email Carl Birch

Stuart Kavanagh

Project Manager


Stuart joined the Midland Fertility team to project manage the 2014 relocation of the clinic.  He comes from a retail management background and will be overseeing the transformation of the newly acquired building in Tamworth into a state of the art clinic.

Email Stuart Kavanagh

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