Careers at Midland Fertility

Midland Fertility is the longest established independent fertility clinic in the Midlands with around 60 medical, nursing, embryology, scientific, management and business support staff.

Some of the nursing team
Some of the nursing team

Some of the laboratory team
Some of the laboratory team

Some of the business team
Some of the business team

The nurse-led practice gives the fertility nurse specialists both an extended role and greater responsibility for caseloads than other clinics, so creating greater job satisfaction.

Summary of responsibilities of key roles at Midland Fertility:

Fertility nurse specialists / clinical midwives

Working to the director of nursing services and the medical director, fertility nurse specialists and clinical midwives at Midland Fertility have day-to-day responsibility for their caseloads including treatment planning, base-line tests, patient counselling, trans-vaginal scanning and advice to patients on administering fertility drugs.  All Midland Fertility fertility nurse specialists and clinical midwives are trained to assist in egg collections and surgical sperm recoveries and to perform IUI.  Training opportunities for nurses are also available in embryo transfer, egg retrieval and surgical sperm retrieval techniques.

Fertility nurse assistants

Working to the nurse manager and the director of nursing services, fertility nurse assistants provide support for the fertility nurse specialists and clinical midwives, including assisting in egg retrievals, embryo transfers and surgical sperm retrievals.


Working to the laboratory director, andrologists and embryologists at Midland Fertility have, as appropriate, responsibility for lab procedures including semen analysis, gamete preparation, oocyte identification, insemination, embryo culture, gamete and embryo cryopreservation (including vitrification) and thawing, assisted hatching and embryo transfer. They work closely with the doctors and the nursing team and have regular patient contact.

Biomedical scientists

Working to the laboratory director, the biomedical scientists at Midland Fertility are responsible for analysing LH, FSH and anti-Müllerian (AMH) hormones and pregnancy tests and also for conducting blood tests for routine infection screening, including Rubella and CMV.

Business support staff

Working to the director of quality and business, the business support group comprises:

  • office/reception team
  • finance team
  • housekeeping team
  • maintenance technician
  • marketing communications team
  • business managers

All staff have patient contact and are often the first point of contact with the clinic.  The team ensures that:

  • patients are informed in writing of key stages of their treatment
  • the clinic operates to rigorous quality management standards
  • all patient documentation is meticulously maintained
  • the premises are well-kept and welcoming
  • the business reviews its performance and continues to develop

The staff development requirements of the quality management system acknowledges the staff training, appraisal systems and internal communications which underpin Midland Fertility’s commitment to every employee.  Competency models identify the skills and training opportunities for each role and Midland Fertility actively supports the development of these skills and the personal growth of each member of staff.

A formal appraisal system enables all staff to evaluate their own performance and, with the appraiser, to assess any training and development needs and to discuss career ambitions.

Vacancies at Midland Fertility are listed on the current vacancies page.  For further details, or to request an application pack email Fiona Park quality and HR manager, or call her on the number at the top of the page.

Midland Fertility is an equal opportunities employer.  All posts at Midland Fertility are subject to disclosure with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) – formerly the CRB.

LU: 25/8/14/JAA