Welcome to Midland Fertility Services

MFS is the Midlands’ longest established independent fertility clinic providing fertility treatment for both NHS and private patients and dedicated to ‘building futures, transforming lives’.

In more than 25 years, MFS has achieved many ‘firsts‘ in the Midlands, the UK and the world, and since it opened in 1987 more than 5,500 babies have been born after treatment at the clinic in Aldridge, near Walsall.

MFS offers a full range of services for fertility investigations, male preservation and female preservation services and treatments, including:

In addition, MFS is proud to announce a new arrival!  The EmbryoScopeTM is here! An EmbryoScopeTM is a high-tec incubator with an integral microscope camera, which allows the details of embryo development to be observed as a time-lapse movie and which provides greater observation of embryos before selection and transfer as part of IVF or ICSI treatment.  And MFS has two of them!  To view what the EmbryoScopeTM enables the MFS embryologists to see, click here:

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View the NEW interactive Patients’ Guide to Services 2013-14 for a summary of information about MFS, an overview of the unit’s services and at-a-glance success rates.

Short notice appointments are sometimes available for initial consultations. For more information about services at MFS for people trying to conceive, please contact us. Alternatively call the MFS team on 01922 455911.

MFS is open seven days a week, 51 weeks of the year to offer patients the best possible care and service. An on-call service provides urgent clinical advice out of hours, the telephone counselling advice line is available to patients 365 days a year and the MFS Forum - a free, on-line community of potential, current and former patients - offers peer support, 24/7.

Good luck, and remember that a warm welcome awaits you at Midland Fertility Services.


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